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Wicotiz provides you with a convenient and safe mobile app to manage your primary and secondary cards. Top them up from your mobile & web, by bank transfer or directly from card to card.

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Dining Tek

Grow your business through a Personalized Mobile App, Online Ordering System, and Precision Marketing
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DiningTek is a Colorado-based tech startup which helps independent businesses thrive in the dining and hospitality industries. Dining Tek Heading Grow your business through a Personalized Mobile App, Online Ordering System, and Precision Marketing Content

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All Goals

ALL GOALS AND SCORES We have them all!
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Check out game highlights, find out how your favorite team and players are performing using detailed statistics. All the game details in one place complete with Lineups and Statistics.
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Our Client

We’ve worked with many great businesses around the globe, including the largest online real estate platform in the USA, the largest physical auto marketplace in India, a global financial services provider, and one of the Big Four auditors.

  • Wicotiz

    Wicotiz provides benefits from an all-in-one service. You can manage your money, chat with your friends and get discounts thanks to Wicotiz.

  • Dining Tek

    Dining tek is a group of dedicated professionals, who love food, hospitality, and bringing people together through technology made simple.

  • StatusBit

    A Digital Care Network of friends, family, and healthcare professional created by your or your loved ones in times of caring. It is the centralized place where you and your family can communicate about the status of your well being during times of need.

  • All Goals

    Get all the game details, Push-Notification, live scores, most relevant news from top publishers around the world, Standings, Fixtures, Lineups, Top-Scorers and Statistics at one place.

Apps for all screens

Using the latest technologies, our app development company helps businesses and individuals establish their presence on any modern device and platform – mobile, web, wearables, and TV.







Sharing knowledge

We’re constantly researching new technologies and business opportunities and are eager to share what we find. On our blog, we write about technology trends and provide valuable insights on how to digitize businesses.

Three Problems Restaurant Apps Can Solve for Restaurant Owners and Guests

Offering discounts for booking via your app will encourage users to take advantage of the offer. TheFork app offers a code that guests can use when making their first reservation.

Real-time Big Data Processing

There are two big data streaming techniques: batch and stream. The first is a collection of grouped data points for a specific time period. The second handles an ongoing flow of data .

How to Develop a Hulu-Like Mobile Video Streaming App: Feature Set and Business Model

An incredible user experience for both web and mobile contributes to Hulu’s success. Let’s figure out the tools used by Hulu to cater to the needs of their constantly growing audience.